The Hair Shack

Hairdressing with a

29a Pier St, Ventnor, PO381SX


Ultimate Small to Medium Salon of the Year 2016/2017

Finalist Green Salon of the Year

2015 & 2016

The Hair Shack

Award Winning Organic Salon

Hairdressing with a

Our products

The Salon was constructed by Carol, Husband and family. As much as possible we tried to up-cycle all the wood, plasterboard etc that we recovered from the existing fittings. The flooring is sourced from sustainable bamboo and we have LED lighting. Our wash house, retail area, styling shelves and window areas, are all constructed from up-cycled floorboards recovered from a house locally that was being demolished. Our styling stations are constructed from up-cycled scaffold poles and boards. We have even used old leather belts as fastenings. Our desk, some of our chairs  in the coffee area, are old furniture given a new lease of life. Even our coffee table came from  a charity shop in Salisbury. Our salon paint is paint recovered from landfill. Our teacups are lovingly collected from all over the country by family.  We use bioD products for all our cleaning products. Through the salon we use recyclable towels which we can save for cleaning and put out for paper recycling. So we have no tumbledryer, and no washing machine! We serve Clipper fairtrade tea, teapigs and responsibly grown, kosher certificated coffee.

In the Salon from the wash house to the styling stations we use Organic Colour Systems . These products contain no parabens, sulphates, nor are they tested on animals. We have Organic Colour Systems colours from semi to permanent, a naturally healthier way to colour your hair.

Why we use Organic Colour Systems:

They are the only permanent hair colour that contain certified organic ingredients and where they are not available they use natural ingredients.They leave your hair in far better condition because they work at a lower pH. This maintains a better shine, coverage and fades less quickly. After using a traditional ammonia colour and changing to OCS it may take several appointments to see the difference. This is because a few conditioning or re-constructive treatments are needed to repair damage caused by ammonia.