The Hair Shack

Hairdressing with a

29a Pier St, Ventnor, PO381SX


Ultimate Small to Medium Salon of the Year 2016/2017

Finalist Green Salon of the Year

2015 & 2016

The Hair Shack

Award Winning Organic Salon

Hairdressing with a


Beautiful, Luxurious and Ethical Professional Hair Care.

Ortofficina is the biodynamic farm where Oway extracts are grown.

 50.000 square meters of land which Oway farm according to the biodynamic method.

On the farm, in the Bologna hills, Oway grow, harvest and distil 12 different types of medicinal plants directly.

Rosemary, lemon balm, sage, thyme, mint and helichrysum are grown with love in the fields, they are processed without using chemicals and solvents and thus become the zero-mile biodynamic ingredients in their formulas

Come and try for yourself this amazing range of organic biodynamically farmed products